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About Us

Over 20 years ago, the staff of Interquest introduced the use of Scent Discrimination Trained Canines to detect contraband. The concept gathered wide acceptance as an extremely effective tool to "Detect and Deter" the presence of drugs in Business, Schools, Homes and Government facilities. Being involved in the initial legal challenges for Private Sector Searches has allowed Interquest to constantly refine stringent policies and procedures necessary to insure that the Interquest "Detection and Deterrent" processes are extremely effective and clearly within accepted legal guidelines.

Interquest Detection Canines® of Los Angeles is proud to service more than 80 Public and Private School campuses and several Fortune 500 companies. Detection services are tailored to individual needs and may be provided in an unobtrusive, discreet manner or as a highly visible deterrent. Interquest-Los Angeles has a staff that is second to none, and we have made sure that our trainers and instructors are the best qualified and most respected in their fields.

Scott Edmonds, President of Interquest Detection Canines® Los Angeles, worked in Law Enforcement for nearly 19 years. The last eight years of his career, Scott worked as a Supervisor, splitting time between the Patrol and Investigations Sections. While assigned to patrol, he worked as the Watch Commander running the day-to-day operations. As the supervisor in Investigations, he supervised numerous multi-agency undercover narcotics operations as well as working street level narcotic enforcement. He has testified as an expert witness in Narcotics in both Municipal and Superior Courts. Scott is also a graduate of the prestigious Los Angeles Police / United States Department of Transportation Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) School.

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